June 17, 2018

FREE Home Evaluation

A key part of buying or selling a house, a home appraisal is an independent, unbiased assessment of how much a property is worth. Conducted by a licensed or certified professional, an appraisal typically is based on comparable sales in the neighborhood and market as well as a visual inspection of the condition of the home.

Appraisals are necessary when buying and selling a home because banks won’t lend money if the appraised value of the house is less than the loan amount. However, there are other times when an appraisal may be required or can help save you money.

Get the most out of your appraisal

Consider providing information that helps the appraiser make an accurate estimate of the home’s value. Gather information about your property and neighborhood that may not be readily apparent—such as a larger than usual lot or a new school within walking distance.

Keeping records of home maintenance and improvement projects can also help make the case that you have a well-cared-for house.

As with selling a house, improving its overall appearance can make a difference when the appraiser comes to conduct his or her inspection. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the house isn’t cluttered or messy. Consider painting or other repairs if the interior or exterior is dingy or showing signs of neglect.

The right price will make or break a home sale.

I would like to personally work with you and learn more about your home, so I can recommend the best price that gets you SOLD for what your property deserves. If I may have a few minutes of your time, I can give you my personal appraisal for your hame, based on the day-to-day market trends in your neighborhood in Grande Prairie and nearby areas.

I can call you within 24 hours to talk about your sale, but also feel free to reach out to me or even drop by our office at your convenience.

I'm available 24/7 for arrangements or questions. Call me at 780 380 8769, reach me by Messenger via Facebook or email me at troy@gpremax.com, however you prefer to get in touch.

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