May 14, 2020

Troy Irvine Home Trade Program

You don’t have to sell!

Offer your home in trade, and you’ll just have to get financing for the price difference*.

No need to go through the hassle of staging and open houses – if the seller likes your home, we’ll take it as is.

Subject to seller also agreeing they want to take your home on trade.

*prices determined by separate evaluation of your home, compared to listing price of the home for sale.

For Home Buyers Trading Up:

1. Contact us with the listing you want to trade for (Listed Property). The Listed Property must be among those entered into the trade program by a participating home seller (Listed Seller)

.2. Give us the details of your home that you are offering up for trade (Offered Property). We will present it to the Listed Seller as a trade offer.

3. A market value assessment will be done on the Offered Property to determine its Trade-in Value.

4. We will also do an as-is home viewing for the Listed Seller upon request.

5. Once approved, Condition of Purchase for Listed Property and Offered Property will be presented to both Listed Seller and Buyer for acceptance.

6. The Offered Property will be listed by RE/MAX Grande Prairie as a new residence listing, as part of the offer for the Listed Property.

7. The Buyer needs to be eligible for a loan by an approved lender to cover the difference between Listed Property Price and the Trade-In Value as needed (applicable fees and commissions taken into account).

8. Both listed properties then immediately move on to accepting each other’s offers, and possession will proceed as detailed in the Condition of Purchase for both sides of the trade.

Call Troy Irvine 780 380 8769 and get trading!

Offer currently covers Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, and nearby areas.